going dry for 30 days

Going Dry for 30 Days, Tea for Booze

You know how occasionally the Universe sends you messages? It gives you little hints about one thing over and over

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recipe wooden spoons

The Best Whole Roasted Chicken Recipe Ever. Seriously.

This is not going to be a recipe blog, however, there are some recipes that are just too good not

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person made of dna

On Learning About Nutrition and DNA

Why am I studying Nutrition and Genetics? Because these are both areas that fascinate me, and I have personal stories

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The Case of the Adventurous Eater

Recently, I was reading a book that talked about how people use food to signify their identity. I find this

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spinach blueberry and cranberry smoothies

Food and Identity

What does the food you eat say about you? Food is more than just what we eat. We use it

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