purslane growing wild

Pandemics and Purslane

So, how are you doing? Life under the pandemic has been interesting, hasn’t it? There have been a lot changes

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Dog Adoption Fees for Charity

As I have mentioned, I adopt, rescue, and foster senior dogs. So you would think that I would be over

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Why Work Out

Working out is hard. It takes energy, It can be difficult. It takes time. There is a learning curve. Frequently

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Bravest Thing – Journal Prompt

Healing looks different for everyone. It’s not all bubblebaths, massages and yoga. Sometimes it’s a tattoo. Sometimes it’s screaming rock

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body hands care

Your Body and What it Would Say – Journal Prompt

Today’s January journal prompt is about your body. The last few days our journal prompts have been on compassion, fear, making art

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