fan for hot flashes

Hot Flashes Don’t Burn Calories

Here’s another fun thing that is happening. I am going through menopause. I am 46. I’ll be 47 in September,

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purslane growing wild

Pandemics and Purslane

So, how are you doing? Life under the pandemic has been interesting, hasn’t it? There have been a lot changes

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Bravest Thing – Journal Prompt

Healing looks different for everyone. It’s not all bubblebaths, massages and yoga. Sometimes it’s a tattoo. Sometimes it’s screaming rock

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Addressing Fear – Journal Prompt

Today’s journal prompt is all about fear. We are talking about change this month, and change can be really scary.

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Making Art – January Writing Challenge

Today’s January journal prompt is about art: What is your art? And what is your plan for getting more creativity

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Risk Taking and a New Look

I am updating my site with some new photos. Back in June I took a risk and treated myself to

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Dawn Highhouse

Spartan Open Weightlifting Championships

38th Spartan Open Weightlifting Meet Report On Saturday, April 13, I competed in the 38th Spartan Open Weightlifting Championship. This

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