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Your Body and What it Would Say – Journal Prompt

Today’s January journal prompt is about your body. The last few days our journal prompts have been on compassion, fear, making art

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compassion for self and others

Compassion – Journal Prompt

The January Journal Prompt Writing Challenge continues, and today we are talking about compassion. Have you ever noticed how it

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Addressing Fear – Journal Prompt

Today’s journal prompt is all about fear. We are talking about change this month, and change can be really scary.

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Making Art – January Writing Challenge

Today’s January journal prompt is about art: What is your art? And what is your plan for getting more creativity

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writing challenge

Journal Challenge – Day 1

January 1, 2020 – Journal Prompt Welcome to January 1, 2020! How are you doing? Ready for our January writing

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January Journal Challenge

Journal Writing Challenge If you follow GRLife on social media (Instagram, Twitter), you saw that last month I focused on

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broccoli recipe

New Recipes From the Week

Happy Holidays! Welcome to the end of 2019. I hope however you are spending the end of the year it

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Blog Post on Las Vegas Athletic Club Blog

As I have mentioned, I am also a freelance writer. Lately I’ve been writing blog posts and articles for various

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Why I Walk

What is your “why”? What inspires you? I was asked this recently by some friends of mine who run Thank

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Sometimes I Run

It’s perfectly okay not to like running. It’s okay not to like yoga. Or treadmills. Or lifting weights, sweating with

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