person made of dna

On Learning About Nutrition and DNA

Why am I studying Nutrition and Genetics? Because these are both areas that fascinate me, and I have personal stories

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family tree with chromosomes

Learning About Chromosomes and Family Trees

I am taking an online course in Personalized Medicine through Vanderbilt University’s Online Learning school. While that might seem a

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I Have a Logo!

I love it! Take a look:   I am so very happy with the way this turned out. I can’t

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Giant relief map of Grand Rapids

Starting My Business – GRLife Coming to Life

It’s starting to happen! It’s hard to express how happy this is all making me. GRLife is starting as its

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American Open Series 3 red platform

Athletes, Body Types and Genetics

Roughly two and a half years ago I joined a local CrossFit gym. In addition to CrossFit, they also have

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The DRD4 Gene and Risk Taking

Just a few moments after publishing my last article on adventurous eaters, I sat down with a cup of coffee

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spinach blueberry and cranberry smoothies

Food and Identity

What does the food you eat say about you? Food is more than just what we eat. We use it

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Even More Memories of Grand Rapids… from the Author’s Mom

I thought my mother would get a kick out my 23 Signs You are a Grand Rapids Native post along with

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Holidays in Downtown Grand Rapids – Let’s Crowdfund this Project!

I have been simply blown away by the wonderful responses to my posts about Grand Rapids. Thank you all so

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Downtown Grand Rapids – stores to remember

My friend, the wonderful Mary Lou Smith, read my “Signs You are a Grand Rapids Native” posts (Part 1 and

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