My name is Dawn Highhouse. I am interested in the link between nutrition and genetics. Can we create personalized, perfect diets for optimal health, energy, and weight?

This is what Grand Rapids Life is all about.

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Anyone who has ever tried dieting or meal plans knows that one size does not fit all. Two women of the same height and general build can be on the exact same meal plan and have different results. It isn’t just who follows the diet and who doesn’t – it is much deeper than that.

What works for us depends on who we are.

There are dozens of different ways of eating, how do we know what is the right one for us? And how can we best protect our health?

There are “best practice” rules that are good for everyone, but each one of us has unique DNA. For example, I have a gene that makes it difficult for me to absorb enough Vitamin A. I can easily offset that by diet. But I didn’t know I needed to until I understood my own DNA.

That is why I have created GRLIFE. I am in the process of studying genetics, health, wellness, and nutrition. My goal is to bring that information to you.



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  1. You look as though you might be related to a couple of classmates of mine from the 50’s – Carol and Don Highhouse. We all went to Central High School.

      1. You say, “Don was.” Is he no longer with us? Carol was a year behind me and Don, I believe, was two years behind her. Carol and Don were both rather shy individuals if I remember correctly. I did not know them well but I am not one to forget a name or a face.

        I saw a post about you on the Facebook Group, “If You Grew Up in Grand Rapids/Kent County, then you remember….” I read it and then paid close attention to your name and your facial features – connection. What you wrote also sent me into somewhat of a memory fugue. I left Grand Rapids in 1961 for college and never returned except to visit. Two of my children now live nearby – daughter in Comstock Park and son in White Hall.

        I am looking forward to visiting your site to see what else you have to offer up. Congratulations on your success so far and continued good wishes for your future.

        William Morrison

      2. Thank you so much William! Don passed away in 2002. (I lost my dad far too early.) However, I see Carol regularly and she is doing well.

        It’s good to hear that you still get a chance to visit your old stomping grounds now and again, and it is so nice to hear from you, I am glad you took the time to comment!

  2. Did Carol marry? If so, how many children?

    Also, if you are ever in need of a very professional photographer may I suggest Jim Gebben. I have seen some of his work in that Grand Rapids promotional magazine and then there is his noticeable touch to the Bissell Advertisements. Take a look around for him.


  3. I also notice that you are active in theater. Both my wife and I have been active in Alpena Civic Theatre for over 30 years. Also, one of my high school classmates was Cedric Ward who had a black theater group in Grand Rapids.

    Gobs to talk about.


    1. Hello again –

      Carol did marry and she had one daughter.

      I knew Cedric. He was a very influential and beloved man in our theatre community. His group, Robeson Players, has been missed. We do have a new group starting up, Ebony Road Players, that looks like they will be carrying on that legacy.

      The theatre is a wonderful community, as it sounds like you know.

      Take care,

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