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Healing looks different for everyone. It’s not all bubblebaths, massages and yoga. Sometimes it’s a tattoo. Sometimes it’s screaming rock n’ roll into the night. It might be solitude, it might be reaching out to friends. Frequently, healing takes an act of inner bravery. And that is where the journal prompt for today comes from.

Today’s Journal prompt:

What’s the bravest thing you have ever done? When was it?

bravest thing

What is the next brave thing you will do?

I heard a really good class with Elizabeth Gilbert on Calm recently. She did a really good job of defining the difference between fearlessness and bravery. Having no fear is not healthy. That is the realm of sociopaths. Being brave is having fear, but doing the hard thing anyway. On the 3rd I wrote a blog post about one of the ways I addressed fear – by getting my life’s motto tattooed on my arm.

What’s the bravest thing you have ever done? When was it?

I’m not really sure what the bravest thing I have ever done was. Some of my obstacle course races took some serious guts. I also did a marathon race – on trails. That required a lot of faith in myself and a willingness to just take a leap of faith. But I think one of the bravest things I have ever done was deciding to get a divorce.

No one likes to feel like a failure, and ending a marriage can certainly make you feel that way. I felt like I had fought to marry this person. I put a ton of time and energy in to making the decision to get married. It was not something I went into lightly. Yet, almost immediately I knew I had made a giant mistake.

Fixing that mistake was hard. It took a lot to admit it was the right course of action. I needed a lot of support from family and friends, and I had to find a way to ask for it. I was fortunate, I have a fantastic network that has my back. Not everyone is that lucky.

What is the next brave thing you will do?

This is an interesting question, which is why I thought it made such a good journal prompt. I don’t know.

On my calendar right now, I have a goal of doing a weightlifting meet in April. Those are always a little nerve wracking, but I am not sure that it requires bravery. I’ve done them, I know how much fun I have.

I am also working hard on growing GRLife and building this business. That’s taking a lot from me, but it is all very exciting. But what’s next? That is still in the future.

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