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Choices Easy and Hard – Journal Prompt

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Today’s January journal prompt falls on National Take the Stairs Day! So, our journal prompt for today is about choices. When it comes to your life, do you choose to take the more difficult stairs? Or do you take the easier elevator? Each has advantages, are there places in your life where you could recalibrate these choices to fit your goals better?

Journal Prompt for Today – Your Choices:

In what areas are of your life are you taking the “easy” route?

Where could you increase your effort a little and get more health, more peace, more joy?

And in what areas are you being too hard on yourself?

choose the stairs

I hope it is clear that I don’t mean this in the literal sense. I am using the idea of taking the stairs as a metaphor. It can refer to actual physical activity or simply how you approach life. Do you make things harder on yourself, if so, why? Is it because you want to choose what floor to get off on, or is it because you are stubborn?

When do you take the elevator? Is it when it’s the best use of your time and effort, or is it whenever things seem hard?

Areas I am Choosing to Take the “Easy” Route

Here are some examples of “elevators” I choose to take:

  • I hire an accountant to do my taxes
  • I have a snow service for my driveway
  • For my office, I hired an interior designer

These are totally things I could do myself. However, I choose to have someone else do them for me. The amount of time and stress that it would take for me to handle them is worth the monetary expense of hiring it done.

How I Could Increase Your Effort a Little and Get More Health, More Peace, More Joy?

When I wrote this prompt, I was thinking of things like:

  • Parking at the back of the parking lot to get more steps.
  • Choosing not to watch TV, and instead take a meditation class, write a poem, spend time with friends.
  • Fixing a squeaky stair yourself so you can have the satisfaction of a job well done.

One of the things I am trying to do is pack my lunch the night before. I find that my morning is very busy. I “take the stairs” at night so that I can “ride the elevator” in the morning. Speaking of which, I have moved the office snacks that I keep on hand when I have a hunger emergency. They were in my “stuff” drawer with the aspirin and hand lotion. Now they are in an overhead cupboards, so I have to make a conscious choice to grab a healthy snack when I need it, not just because I am bored. It is working too. I am less inclined to grab something I don’t need.

Following Along and Taking Part

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