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Your Friends – January Journal Prompt

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Today’s journal prompt is about your friends. We’ve been looking at our mental and physical well being the last few days. Let’s look at another piece of the puzzle, the people you surround yourself with.

Journal Prompt for Today – Your Friends and the People Around You:

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So, as the quote the right says, you may not be able to change all the people around you. That is okay. You might not be able to change your neighbors, your coworkers, your customers or your family.

Those aren’t the people that we are talking about. Today I want you to think about the people you choose to have in your life, your friends, your loved ones, the people you surround yourself with by choice. Do those people respect, appreciate and value you? Do they make you smile, laugh, and feel loved?

Or, do you have people in your life that are toxic? That bring more pain that happiness? Or perhaps, you have great friends, but you don’t seem to have enough time for them. Let’s examine all of this.

Who are your favorite people, and why?

How can you make more time for them in your life?

Here’s how I responded;

Who Are Your Favorite People, and Why?

I have an amazing network of close friends and people who care about me. I am also lucky, I get along well with my family and my sister and I are close. They definitely they make me smile, laugh, and feel loved. I also have four amazing non-human friends, my senior rescue dogs. They also make me happy and surround me with love.

In fact, there are very few people I have to be around regularly that I would call toxic. There were some, but some changes have taken those folks out of my life, and I am grateful

It’s the next question I find more interesting:

How can you make more time for them in your life?

I feel pretty good about the amount of social time that I spend. There are people that I would like to see more of, and I am going to try to make it a point to connect with them more. If you are looking for some suggestions, here are a few things I have done –

I have exercise partners. In fact, I have four friends that I walk/run with regularly. I meet one on a lunch hour, two after I am done at the gym, and a fourth that we walk our dogs together. It’s easier to meet for walks rather than lunches. I don’t have any of the financial guilt or calorie regret I might have with weekly walks – just the opposite. And we get the extra benefit of fresh air and exercise!

It’s the people I don’t walk with that I need to find other ways to spend time with. There are several I am thinking of. Some that don’t get out much, and some that I see, but I could use more of their company. I have to make a deliberate effort to see those friends. I might try assigning myself reminder tasks and setting up monthly or weekly checkins with those folks. Having them in my life is important.

Following Along and Taking Part

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