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Your Body and What it Would Say – Journal Prompt

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Today’s January journal prompt is about your body. The last few days our journal prompts have been on compassion, fear, making art – in other words, about the heart and mind. Today we look at the body.

Journal Prompt for Today – Your Body:

If your body could talk, what would it say?

What do I mean by this? Would your body say, “I am loved? I am cared for, I am adored?” Or would it say, “We’ve been through a lot together. We are exhausted.” Would your body say, “Dude, lighten up on me already!”

Has how you treat your body changed? Was there a time that you were good it? Or a time that you were worse? Is there something it needs that isn’t getting? Is your body sick, healthy, happy, tired, injured, or fulfilled?

If My Body Could Talk

If my body could talk, I think it would say that it wasn’t treated well for a long time. In fact, from my Freshman year of High School to my late 30s I had very little interest in caring for my body. I was mostly in my head. Books, theatre, art – those occupied my brain, not health. On the other-hand, I cannot say I really abused it either. I had a patch in my 20s where I probably drank a bit too much and I was certainly overweight, but I wasn’t particularly hard on myself. More than anything, I took my body for granted.

In my late 30s I lost the weight and started exercising. I started taking better care of myself. There are times that I pushed it too hard. I have had a few minor injuries, and certainly managed to bang and bruise it up at bit in Spartan races. But overall, I paid a lot closer attention to what made me feel good and how my body performed.

I think if anything, it would say, “Hey! Why didn’t you do this earlier??”

What My Body Would Say Now

As I move into my late 40s now, I can’t quite do the things I could a few years ago, but I can still do more than I ever could in my 20s! I walk, run, lift weights and do CrossFit. Moreover I pay attention to my diet and try to make sure I get the sleep I need. Currently, I’ve been carrying a few more pounds on my body than than I’d like, so I am working on taking that off. I have a weightlifting competition in April I want to do, and I don’t want to have to cut weight to do it. So, that gives me the perfect deadline. (That works for me, I like deadlines.)

Following Along and Taking Part

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