Making Art – January Writing Challenge

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Today’s January journal prompt is about art:

What is your art? And what is your plan for getting more creativity into your year ahead?

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This question was inspired by these wise words by Neil Gaiman, which I love. I wish all of these things for you in the upcoming year.

And note that for the journal prompt “art” doesn’t have to be writing, singing, or drawing. As the quote says, living as only you can is an art of its own. But it could also include things like running, making jewelry, cooking, decorating your home, training dogs, gardening, making thoughtful Instagram posts… whatever it is that inspires you and makes you happy.

My Art

I love all kinds of visual creativity – drawing, crafts, decorating my home, I even love coloring. But “My Art” the thing that fills my soul, is writing. As I have mentioned in other places, it is, along with reading, something I have loved since childhood and still makes me happy.

I’ve dreamed of writing fiction, but my forte’, for now, seems to be personal development writing, specifically in health and wellness. (Although the last few years have taught me to never say never – anything is possible! Even things you would have never believed of yourself.) I enjoy documenting my own journey, and I enjoy learning about complex concepts and breaking them down for others. My mother was a teacher, and I have that in my blood.

My Plan for Making More Art in 2020

The January Journal Challenge is, selfishly, part of it. I hope that I inspire you to think about these questions and write about them. But, I am also going to be writing right along with you. I want to build the habit of writing every day.

They say that a goal without a plan is just a wish. Though, there is nothing wrong with wishes. In this case though, I have a plan. I like making plans. Some of the things I am doing:

Writing Where I Am

I have a tendency to write in a specific place at a specific time. This has advantages, certainly. There a lot of wise people that say that having a specific place and way that you create art – a ritual, if you will – helps tell your brain that it is time to be creative. But, the downside to that is that that I only write that way. Which means that if everything isn’t aligned quite write, I don’t write. That’s no good! So, I am making an effort to write where ever or whenever I can/need to to achieve my goal of writing every day. For example, right now I am tapping away at my keyboard at my dining-room table because my office is poorly heated and extremely cold right now.


I think a lot of people benefit from accountability, myself included. It is helpful for me to publish my goals and how I am going to achieve them, because I think of you dear reader, holding me to it. The accountability provides motivation. I don’t believe that art requires motivation, but it helps to get me to sit in front of the keyboard!

Journal Prompts

Sometimes I can’t wait to write, I have so many ideas circling my head. But other times it’s hard to just get started. The prompts are helpful. They are sparking my ideas and help me make art. Not only am I writing, but I research the quotes and make the Instagram posts. Those are fun too!

Following Along and Taking Part

You can follow along with January’s Journal Prompts on GRLife’s Instagram and Twitter. Watch this blog or find my responses to the posts on Facebook. You can also see past prompts there. Please let me know what you think – I love the feedback!

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