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New Recipes From the Week

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Happy Holidays! Welcome to the end of 2019. I hope however you are spending the end of the year it is pleasant.

The GRLife Table

This year, I was on the “bring the vegetable” duty for the family gathering. I made two recipes, and this is the one that seemed to be the hit: Broccoli (or Cauliflower) with Lemon-Soy Dressing. This one was SUPER simple – which was good. Somehow I messed up the order of events! I thought we were going be eating later in the day, but it turns out we were going to eat as soon as I arrived. Fortunately I had whipped up the dressing in a handy protein shaker. So, I just chopped up the broccoli, threw it in a microwavable dish with water and steamed it in the microwave. It took about 4 minutes. Then poured the dressing on and we were good to go!

The other new-to-me dish was paprikash. My guy and I went out to Zivio for dinner on Monday. It was a week of heavy eating and I was in the mood for something a little lighter. They have several delicious looking salads that were calling me, but the paprikash was calling my name the loudest. (I had never had it before and I love trying new dishes.) At Zivio it is vegan. Traditionally it is made with chicken. Paprikash is a hearty stew usually served over noodles or potatoes. The one I had had neither (as it had potatoes in the stew.) It was wonderful! I am going to be searching for a similar recipe and see if I can recreate it at home. I love making (and eating) real food.

Getting Out and About

dog walks with Finnegan and Harvey
Walking my Finnegan (white) with his neighborhood buddy, Harvey (black).

My beloved gym was closed for much of the week (at least for the hours I typically attend.) I get it, of course, the Coaches need a break too! But man, I have missed it. I have Weightlifting tonight and it will be good to get back to the gym. Without the gym, one of my favorite things to do is grab my new pooch Finnegan and go for a long walk. He’s a powerful walker! That dude can cover serious ground at a fast clip. We’ve been regularly going for long walks. My dad always called it “patrols” so I think of it as “patrolling the neighborhood”, and enjoying this unseasonably warm Midwest weather.

As We Close Out the Year

Seeing that it is the end of the New Year, healthy eating and recipes will soon be on the covers of all the grocery store magazines and showing up in all the blogs. It’s the time of year when people start making resolutions about weight. I think it also seems easier to start “fresh” at the top of the year, because there isn’t much going on, holiday wise, for several months. Family recipes are put aside and other than perhaps some Valentine’s Day chocolate or St. Paddy’s day beers, it seems easier to manage.

But is it? Judging by the very few people who complete their New Year’s Resolutions, I kind of doubt it. It also makes me feel like people feel the need to wait for a particular day or time of year to make changes. Me? I’m for the “just start where you are” mentality. Just jump in and go!

I am thinking about making a few changes for 2020 though. (Anyone else remember thinking 2020 was SO far away? And now it is less than a week away. Amazing.) As I solidify my plans for the new year, I’ll be blogging about it and let you know about it here.

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