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Health and Wellness Freelance Writing

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In addition to being a Nutritional Coach, I am starting to do health and wellness freelance writing. Why? I loved writing way back as a kid. Even in elementary school, I would enter (and win) writing contests. All through school and college I preferred writing assignments over pretty much anything else. I have had blogs and journals in various forms for years. Researching, writing, even editing – it brings me joy. And that explains why I want to be a writer… but why specialize?

Why Health and Wellness Freelance Writing?

You know, I always assumed that I would become a fiction writer someday. But, the truth is that I feel a stronger calling towards the areas of health and wellness. I like writing and learning about personal development, mental well being, and personal growth. I had a blog a few years ago on finances. And that really sparked an interest in real life, non-fiction writing. For the last few years, those are the books and areas I find myself most drawn to.

I completed my personal nutrition coaching certification a while ago and I am wrapping up my personal trainer certification this month. So, not only are these areas something I am interested in personally, they will soon be a bigger passion of mine.

Freelance Writing – What Does That Mean, Exactly?

That part I am still figuring out. If you know me, that means I am spending a lot of time researching, learning and figuring out how this industry works. I’ve been reading articles, blogs and other writing by health and wellness freelance writers for years. Many of the popular websites use freelance writers. So, I know I have the skills. I definitely have the interest. I know this is a viable job. So, now my goal is to learn how to let others know I’m available for hire!

One of my first steps is creating an Upwork profile for myself. You can see it here: Dawn H. – Writer and Compelling Storyteller. I’ve also added information here on the blog about my services. And the next step is to write, write write!

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