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Nutrition Coaching – What is it?

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So, what is it that I do? Nutrition Coaching is all about you and your goals. Let’s walk through the steps of what that will look like:

First, We Discuss Your Goals

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What is it you want to do? For most people, it is a combination of weight loss, a healthy diet, having more energy and feeling great. Some people have a very specific timeframe (like a class reunion or a wedding,) while others are more focused on the number on the scale. Nutrition Coaching is about us looking at those goals together and setting a course to accomplish them.

Next, We’ll Get a Baseline

In order to make a plan, we have to know where we are now. This can mean a lot of things. For example, I’ll want to hear about your life. How much time do you have? What does a typical week or weekend look for you? Are you currently eating healthy, but not seeing the weight changes you want? Or does your diet need more than a little tweking?

Getting a baseline can also be tracking your numbers, for instance, what is your current weight? Or what is your current waist measurement? It is important to know where you are starting from. Plus, having a baseline means you know when you are being successful. And then we can celebrate those successes of yours along the way!

Nutrition Coaching is Making a Healthy Plan

Being that this can be a big change, we’ll want to chart your course together. There are a lot of factors that go into making a plan for health. On the eating side, part of Nutritional Coaching is taking into consideration dietary likes and dislikes, allergies, and specialized diets – like if you are a vegan, for example. Though much of our focus will be on diet, we’ll also discuss other aspects that can affect your health and wellness. We’ll look at other factors such as activity levels, stress, and sleep.

Nutritional Coaching for health and wellness

Depending on where you are, and what kind of help you need. Your plan might include meal plans, healthy recipe ideas, food lists, and tips to help you build healthy habits. We’ll look at your schedule and the time you have to commit, so that the plan works with your life.

Some people need small incremental changes, others want to do a health reevaluation. This isn’t a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all process. I’ll help you make a roadmap for where you want to go.

Why a Nutrition Coach is Important

Of course, most people who want to get healthy have tried to do it on their own. Maybe you have too. People hear about a new diet, (Keto or Paleo, for example,) and decide to give it a try. There are those who can go like gangbusters and have a lot of success. But most people start strong, do well for a few weeks or maybe a few months, and then… something happens. They fall off and can’t get back to their diet. Or they hit plateaus and get frustrated. Maybe they start questioning if this diet is for them. Or maybe the diet is incredibly complicated and difficult to maintain long term. In any case, they stop, and the weight comes back.

That is where a Nutritional Coach comes in. The hardest part of getting healthy is doing it on your own. You need someone who can provide inspiration and motivation to keep going. You need an accountability partner, someone who will help you stick to your goals. As a Coach, I will help you succeed. If you get off track, I will help you get back on course. Or, if your goals change, I can help you with that too.

We will schedule regular check-ins. I can do these in person, or remote. We’ll spend time looking at what’s been happening in your life and how you are doing. Then, we’ll look at your goals and figure out the next steps – together.

Getting Started with a Nutritional Coach

So, what is next? Getting started is easy. Simply email me below and let’s work together to make you feel the healthiest you’ve ever been.

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