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Goals in Coaching and Writing

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I’ve been working on setting new goals for myself in regards to GRLife. In fact, you might notice a few changes around the site. I’ve been taking a course on digital marketing and really enjoying it. Moreover, it has helped me define my goals – not just as far as the website goes, but to think about what I want for my business. As I am going through the course, it encourages you to focus on what you want your website to do, and that’s helped me think about what I want to do. It’s a fascinating process.

Goals I have defined for myself, and my website:

  • Let people know my business exists.
  • Create awareness that I am also available for freelance writing.
  • Figure out what I want people to do when they come to the website.
  • Grow my email list and send out my newsletter, on a consistent basis.

Goals #1 and #2 – I Exist:

To get the word out, I am adding my business to some online directories. I’ve also added a business page to LinkedIn and updated my page on Precision Nutrition. On the freelance writing side, I am creating a profile page on UpWork.

Goal #2 – Welcome to GRLife!

To achieve this, I am updating the look and feel of the website. I had always planned on creating a different home page. The blog archive was convenient since I was posting there, but I knew I would be building a different home page some time in the future. Apparently, that time is now! I still have some work to do there, but it’s starting to come together. Please “pardon my dust” as they say, if you see changes happening over here the next few weeks. As I learn more from my course, I’ll be making updates.

Goal #3 – Newsletter

I am still working on this one. But I am starting with posting more often! Expect to hear a whole lot more from me. There are more plans in the works.

Live your dreams

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