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Nutrition Challenge – 6 Weeks of Healthy Eating

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I’m taking part in a Nutrition Challenge with a bunch of folks from my gym. And the first question you might ask is why someone who has her own Nutritional Coach Certification would want to take part in someone else’s challenge. And it is a darn good question, one I had to ask myself a few times.

Here are a few reasons I decided to do it:

1.) There is always the opportunity to learn. By going through a fairly tough challenge myself it’s helping me key in on the same kinds of struggles my clients will face. It’s forcing me to come up with my own strategies and those then become tips I can pass along to someone else struggling with making big changes.

2.) I can also learn from the people around me. I won’t face *all* the struggles myself, because every single person is different. But I can keep my ears open and listen to what others are experiencing and how they are making changes. What is working for them, and what isn’t.

3.) Even good coaches need coaches. I think we tend to discount that therapists need their own therapists, athletic coaches need their own coaches, educators need teachers. Just because we have a wide breath of knowledge doesn’t mean we can’t learn from others. Plus, there is the old “do as I say, not as I do.” This has been a great time for me to realize that my diet hasn’t been as good as it could be.

nutrition challenge lunch
Veggies, pulled leg of lamb and potatoes.

So, I have 6 weeks ahead to shape up my own eating and learn as I go. Even though I am admittedly struggling with not snacking right now, I am learning a lot. And I look forward to writing about my conclusions as I go along.

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