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Coaching – Why Do it?

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Why am I interested in helping people with their nutrition? Because I have struggled with it myself.

It’s a funny thing, being “healthy” seems so easy and so hard all at the exact same time. We all know what we are supposed to do, right? Eat more fruits and vegetables, some protein too, move our bodies, drink water, get enough sleep, and so on. We know we aren’t supposed to eat junk food or drink too much booze. The rules don’t seem that hard when you read them. And yet, why are so many people struggling with this stuff?

Because it is hard. It’s not just adding in a few new habits, it can be replacing habits and ideas you have had since childhood. Food, for example, is more than just fuel – it’s how we celebrate, how we sooth, how we show love, how we connect. My father’s apple pie, for example, means far more to me that how many grams of carbs and sugar it had. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many reasons we don’t sleep enough, don’t drink enough water, why we reach for the whiskey and chocolate instead.

But most of us want to feel better. We want to do what we can to live healthy lives – for ourselves and our families. We want to do the right things, but it can be so difficult to know where to start. There can be so much information, so many fads and quick solutions. People searching for that “magic pill” – that thing that will just make it all easy. There’s a problem though, there is no “magic pill.” The only way to get our arms around this stuff is to work at it, slowly, and build up over time.

That’s where a Coach comes in. A Coach can help you look for places where you can make small changes. They can help you get started and figure out what goals make sense. “Getting healthy” isn’t about a 3 day juice cleanse or a 30 day fix. Though, sometimes those things have their place. A short “reset” can help you look at your habits and see what is really going on. And that’s how a Nutrition Coach can help. They can provide support, encouragement, outside perspective, knowledge, and ideas to help you get where you want to me. You don’t have to do this alone.

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