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Goals, Big and Small

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My birthday was last month. It was a great birthday! I had a whole week of friends, and family, and celebrating. I felt so much love! And I also figured that a birthday was a good time to set and review some goals.

The most important part is that I am trying to spend a little time every single day working on my goals regarding GRLIFE. It can be hard. Life can be busy and a bit overwhelming. And at this time I still have a full-time day job that keeps me pretty occupied. But, I know where I want to be with my business, and unless I keep moving forward, I won’t get there.

There is this saying I keep hearing, “people consistently over-estimate what they can do in a day and under-estimate what they can do in a year.” I assume that the year, however, takes consistent attention, steps made every day. I have so much I want to get done – certifications completed, an office built, programs for clients designed… it can be hard to find the time. So, I bought myself a goal setting journal. I thought it was appropriate for the week of my birthday to start a new journal. I am giving myself goals to work on my business every single day. Some days it will be long stretches of time, other times it might only be a handful of minutes, but I will make progress every day.

I bought a chair Tuesday. It’s one of the more significant pieces of furniture I’ve ever bought. It’s for my office. The office isn’t painted yet, or even completely cleaned out for use. I’m not ready to start seeing clients there. But I do have a plan – a floor plan my interior designer and I have worked out – and I am ready to start making leaps of faith that I can do this. So, I bought a chair. It seems strange to think that a chair represents dreams coming true, but it does. Could I run my business without this chair? Of course! But does investing in myself and my office feel like the right step? You bet it does.

In many ways, I feel like my goals surrounding business are similar to nutritional coaching goals I want to help my clients with. Whether it is losing weight or changing body composition, eating for health or fitness, or all of those – it will require a plan, time, dedication, goals – both big and small – and leaps of faith. There will be times when it feels overwhelming, and times when it all seems to come together. There will be times when I ask my clients to go ahead, buy the chair. Invest in yourself. Make a statement – this is where you are going.

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