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Precision Nutrition Coach – Certified Level 1

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Nutrition Coach Certificate Look what I got in the mail yesterday!!!

Not only did I get my official Certification of Registration for the GRLIFE logo, my Coaching certificate from Precision Nutrition arrived! What a fun day to check the mail.

In fact, it was a good evening all around. I went to a SquadBetti event put together by some of the ladies from ModBetti. It was a lovely night of women telling stories, networking and laughing. So, imagine how it felt to come home, already smiling, and then to see an interestingly shaped package in my mailbox. Then it turned out that there wasn’t just one – there were two!

There are other things in the works as well. I mentioned I was meeting my friend Susan from Studio Vario to take a look at my home and soon-to-be office. We had a great meeting. I am so excited to see how this will all come out. I had been collecting ideas for a while and I shared all of those with her. I think the next step is setting up another meeting at my home so she can measure the space and help me create a floor plan.

What’s next? I am putting together two 6-month nutritional coaching plans. Part One will start in October. It will run through the holidays and all the way through the most depressing month of the year, March. The goal will be to give you nutritional and life strategies to help you, not only during the holidays but through to the other side. These will be strategies you will be able to put into place for the long-term to help you reach your goals. Part Two will be a more of the same, building on the skills from the first session and focused on those spring to summer months. More details will be coming out soon. If you are interested in learning more, I suggest you sign up for the newsletter, since I will be announcing details there first.




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