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I am an Official Nutrition Coach!

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It is official!!!

Nutrition Coaching Certification

I finished up my Sport and Nutrition Course last night. I am so excited!

I had estimated that it would take me about 6 months, that is what the program told me to expect. My personal timeline had me finishing in September, but here I am – nine days early! I took a few days off work to spend up at my cabin. I’ve been hiking with the dogs, kayaking, napping, and studying. It all paid off.

So what is next? I am working on some programs and materials for busy professionals. As I have another full-time job that involves stress and travel – that certainly describes myself. It also describes my Team Feedback – my band of friends who have been helping me check out some coaching software, proofing my emails and meeting with me regularly so I can start coaching. (The members of Team Feedback are rockstars.)

Here’s what to keep your eye out for. I am working on a ton of cool things – an ebook, some downloads, all sorts of things. I’ll post it all here first – so if you haven’t – sign up to get my newsletter or blog updates. Now that the certification is done, I can work on some of these other ideas I have had on the back burner. I can’t wait to show it all to you!

Dogs hiking
The boys absolutely loved the idea of several days at the cabin, just the three of us. They obviously approve of the Frederick Meijer Heartland Rail Trail!


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