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July / Mid-August Update

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Things that are happening at GRLife:

On the business end, I have been working on a few different things. I opened a business banking account, which is one more step towards feeling official! Checks have arrived and there is money in the account. Opening an account for GRLIFE was one of those “todo” things that have been hanging out there for a while. Right now there isn’t much happening on the income or expense side, but it gets me a little bit closer to where I need to be.

Speaking of steps that have been hanging out there, I am also working with my lawyer to update my will, end of life instructions, and powers of attorney. No, I am not expecting anything bad, but it is just one of those things that need to be done. I’ve been putting it off for far too long. I felt like this was an especially good time as I am opening a business. I wanted a financial power of attorney should anything happen to me once I have the business up and running. They can manage it, in the event I can’t.

Neither of these may seem like the most exciting things to be working on, but it is kind of like building a house – you need to have the floorboards in before you start picking out the decor.

Of course, that brings me to another project I am excited about. I am meeting with a good friend and interior designer next week! I can’t wait! I really want to talk to her about my home office. I’ve got some ideas I am putting together in a Google doc, but I really want to work with a Pro on this. yes, I know I could do it myself and save myself some money, but I think this is one of those times when it is better to have someone help me out. As has been pointed out to me, having an office created by a professional is going to help me feel more professional. It’s going to help define that space from the rest of the house. The more I work there, the more important that will be.

The other very, very exciting thing I did was have branding photos taken at ModBetti. I met Elise when I was taking classes at GROW and knew I wanted her to help me with photos. When an opportunity came up, I jumped at it! (Even though I was planning on waiting a little while on them – I had to take the chance when it came up.) I love, love my photos. I would share them with you, but I’m going to use them here on the website when I do a front page redesign. Yes, that is in in the works too. The blog here is just fine for what I am doing – writing about my thoughts and business – but there will be a new front page release when the business officially opens. I’m saving the photos for that time. However, I have to say, if you need photos done, hop over to Elise’s ModBetti site and hire her. She made the whole process positively painless.

What? You still want a sneak peek? Well…


You also might have seen the other exciting thing that happened recently –

I have a new dog!

His name is Jack Dempsey, Dempsey for short. He’s just wonderful.

I have had Duncan, a Cairn Terrier for about 17 months. My yellow lab, Jack, died of cancer in September last year. So, I have been a one dog household since then, but I always knew I would get a second dog sometime. It was just a matter of being ready and finding the right fit. Dempsey kind of fell into my life, but I couldn’t be happier. And judging by the way his big tail thumps every time he sees me, I think the feeling is mutual.


Here are a few interesting things – Since Dempsey has come to live with me, he has gotten new food, twice-a-day walks, toys to play with and comfy beds to sleep on. And I have seen huge improvements in his health. He has some arthritis in his back. When he first came to my house he would walk pretty stiffly when he first got up. On our walks, he moved really slowly. Since being with me for three weeks, he is moving easier and walking better. He positively prances when it is time for a walk. He was shedding terribly the first couple of days, now his coat is thick and not shedding much at all. I brushed him with a fine brush for short hair, and nothing came out – whereas there were handfuls of hair the first couple of days. His eyes are brighter and clearer and he is acting much younger than he was.

And I hear you saying, “Well, of course, he’s getting all that good food and exercise, what would you expect?” But what about yourself? Are you getting good food? Do you enjoy healthy treats? Are you taking time to play? How is your sleep? How is your stress, do you feel cared for? Secure? Safe? Are you getting outside regularly? Getting regular exercise? Or even taking time to sit on the porch and watch the birds fly by? Do you have time with friends or people that love you and show it regularly? Has anyone rubbed your belly lately?

Health is health, whether you are a rescued shelter dog or the person who would rescue one. We have to take care of ourselves and the people we love. It makes a big difference.

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  1. You’ve been busy. I’m very impressed with all you’ve done and I love the new pictures.

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