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Since I mentioned I have started Coaching a few daring friends (known as Team Feedback,) I wanted to write a bit about my thoughts on Coaching, what I want to offer and the programs I am trying to put together.

Let’s Start with My Nutritional Coaching Theory

I believe that our body composition is 85% diet. The other 15% is made up of genetics, general fitness, psychological circumstances, environment and other factors. Some of those factors we can adjust or adjust for, but some of them we can’t. I am studying to learn how to help people both with diet and with those other factors.

Let’s start with diet.

I believe in the basic rule of “eating less than you burn to lose weight and eating more than you burn to gain.” However, there is a lot of play in there. (If it were simple we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic.) I believe that eating whole foods, and a variety of them, is the best way to be healthy and get all the nutrients we need.

I don’t like most of the heavily processed convenience foods out there. I get why they exist, I understand that not everyone has a ton of time. I also know how hard the scientists worked to make those foods delicious. I know they are frequently cheap and easy. I also believe they have been stripped of the nutrients that are good for us and loaded up with chemicals that give them long shelf lives. I think some of these chemicals are messing with our system. They are promoting diseases (even if indirectly by causing excess body fat) and poor for us in the long run.

However, I also believe that food is far more than just fuel. Sometimes we need food for function, but other times we need it fun. Food is part of our culture and our celebrations. It brings people together, and for me, it’s a love language. We can’t live on salads alone.

So, how do you manage it?

I believe the most important thing when it comes to eating, food and diets is to build small, lifelong, steady habits. I’ve tried countless meal plans, famous diets, shake programs, and calorie counters. Some worked for me, some didn’t. But what I haven’t found yet is something sustainable that I could do year after year. I feel like I was at my leanest when I was heavily training for Spartan Races, but there has to be a way to look and feel great that doesn’t involve carrying 30# sandbags up mountains.

I want to build something, for myself, and my clients, that is sustainable year after year. I want something that will work through holidays, family gatherings, rough patches and hard times. I want something that is fairly simple to do and get back to when the inevitable fall off the wagon occurs, but it also has to work. I don’t want to do quick programs, although I certainly see how they can be useful at times, I really want to work with people year after year. Or better yet, help them “graduate” from the program so they never need me again.

But what if it isn’t just food?

I want to help with that other 15% too. It might be helping them identify something in their genetics that they will have to adjust for. It might be helping them get more sleep or have less stress, so their body can relax and they have the time and energy to try something new. There are a lot of other directions out there, and I want to help with as many as possible.

I absolutely think this is possible, and I am using myself and Team Feedback as test cases to prove it. As I figure it all out and find out what works, I will let you know!


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