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Team Feedback and Nutrition Coaching

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If you are on my newsletter subscription list, (and if you are not, you should be) you will have seen that I have started coaching. I have started with a group I am calling Team Feedback, (and that should totally be said with a superhero announcement voice because these folks are my superheroes.) Their job is to help me test stuff. I’m trying a bunch of things, like surveys and onboarding emails, a new coaching portal/platform… all sorts of things. I am working on setting up systems and routines, testing programs and apps, basically giving lots of things a try. This group helps me test them.

So far, I have gotten some great feedback! They have let me know when emails aren’t clear or when a better email is needed. They are along for the ride with me, pushing all the buttons so we can see how this works. I am also updating my website and working towards having this completely ready to help folks out by end of summer. I know there will be things I want to tweak or change, but I’m hoping to build a nice groundwork so I am not starting from scratch when I do an official launch.

I was talking with Allison of Happy People Hike recently. (Go check out their site, their clothes are so cool. I love my t-shirt from them!) She and I were talking about how when life seems hard, working on our businesses make us happy. I admitted to her that I had had a rough week the week before. There was so much in the world that was making me sad. However, I found that the minute I reached out to one of my clients, or read a response from them, or worked on my certification, I felt immeasurably better. It was fantastic. And most importantly, it solidified in my mind that this is really what I need to do.

One of the scary things about starting a business is knowing what you want to do – and then figuring out if it really makes you happy. I know not everything will be perfect, sunshine and roses all the time, but this feels right. In fact, working on it is all I really want to do. That’s one more reason for me to be grateful to Team Feedback. At this point, I could still pull the plug and walk away. Yes, I have some money invested, but not so much that I couldn’t walk away. So, these guys are helping me not only prove the concepts that I have about websites, emails and so forth, but that I am meant to be a Coach at all. It’s great stuff!



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