Travel, CrossFit and a Touch of Courage

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Grand Rapids Airport
Hard at work at the Grand Rapids airport.

It’s been a busy few weeks! I was up at my cabin for a week around Memorial Day and then it was off on a mini-vacation/business trip. I have dear friends that moved to Minneapolis a little under a year ago. The Minnesota State Association invited me out to provide continuing education to their members at their Spring Meeting, so I combined a visit to friends and work.

It was a wonderful trip! The weather was gorgeous, the company was splendid and Minneapolis was a very welcoming city. I’d go back in a heartbeat! I even got to do my first CrossFit drop-in.
So, this is kind of a “thing” among CrossFit folks – when you are traveling, you can drop-in to another gym. Most CrossFit gyms have one-time drop-in fees (or one-week rates) for travelers. It’s a chance to see how other gyms work and get a great workout. It’s also kind of cool to get a shirt from that gym. I love seeing all the cool shirts from all over the world that our gym members wear.

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Minneapolis Sculpture Park

But I’ve always been a little nervous about it. I travel for work a lot – I am all over the country – but I have never done a drop-in before. I have some unique mobility issues and I have been weirdly nervous that a coach that didn’t know me wouldn’t understand. Of course, like many things we build up in our heads out of fear, it’s mostly unfounded. If I am not exactly where I want to be, that is more about my levels of perfection. I have a come a long, long way, and I need to acknowledge that. Also, I have had amazing coaching, I have pretty good form, and the issues that exist, aren’t the kind of thing that should stop me.

Fortunately, my girlfriend is the PERFECT person to help me get over my hangups. We went to her new gym and I had a blast. When I am back in the area, I will definitely drop-in there again.

Isn’t it funny how often we hold ourselves back from doing something we want to do out of fear? Or how often that fear amounts to something like “looking bad” or “being embarrassed.” It’s not like we are afraid of getting injured, it’s about being scared someone might think something bad about us. It’s a bit silly when you dig into it. If you are reading this, you are probably an adult. You aren’t a small child, you don’t need to be afraid of things like that anymore.

If there is something you want to do or try – my advice is, just go for it! The risks are almost always a lot smaller than we think.

CrossFit Kingfield
CrossFit Kingfield – No Crowns, Just Courage.


  1. Missed you at weightlifting last night but you’re right, I went by myself and I was fine. I still missed you but I was fine.

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