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Scary New Business Things for May

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A quick update on what is happening with me and with Grand Rapids Life.

When I went to hear author Jen Sincero speak, she said something that really stuck in my head: to really go after our goals, we should do one thing that scares us every day.

I’ve been really working on that. Every time I think of something big or scary that pertains to my goals, I jot it down. This becomes my list of scary things. Not all of them are truly frightening, actually. But they are uncomfortable in some way. It might be that I just don’t know how to do them, so the goal becomes figuring that out. Or maybe that they are time-consuming or involve tasks I don’t particularly like. Sometimes they are just awkward or involve me being a little vulnerable and reaching out to people.

The other weekend I stopped into Books & Mortar in East Hills, Grand Rapids. Have you been there? It’s a great bookstore. While I was there, I found this journal:

One thing that scares you book
Seriously, how great is this?

Each page is full of great quotes and writing prompts about doing something that scares you. I have been writing in it in the mornings, jotting down my scary thing from the day before. Here are a few things I have been writing about it:

The Grand Rapids Life Business Development

Grand Rapids Public library small business center
The lower level of the Grand Rapids Public Library. Photo credit:

I am taking a series of classes down at the Grand Rapids Public Library on Market Research. Now, if you know me, I’m not afraid of taking classes – I love learning. But there is something intimidating about walking into a totally new situation. I didn’t know where it would be held in the library, as I had never taken a class there before. It took a little determination to step out of the familiar and go on down there.

The first class was on general market research. The last one was on demographics of your target market, and the one coming up is on researching your competition. These classes are part of a partnership with SCORE. They are offered in the Small Business Research Center. Did you know the Grand Rapids Public Library had a Small Business Research Center? I didn’t! Not only that, but they have a specific Small Business Librarian! He is the one teaching the courses.

These classes have been great! First of all, they are completely free. And there are all sorts of people taking them with all sorts of businesses. Secondly, I really didn’t understand what kind of resources the library gives you access to. Some of the databases are amazingly interesting and so powerful. I feel like I am just seeing the tip of the iceberg of what I can learn.

You can also set up a one-on-one appointment with the librarian so he can assist you in figuring out how best to research business topics. I am going to add that to my list of things to do. Once I finish up the classes, then I’ll make a list of all the questions I have.

Speaking of SCORE, they also offer free mentorship. So, I signed up to get a mentor. I meet with him for the first time next week. I will let you know how that goes!

Personal Development

I wrote yesterday about getting into running. I also wrote about the advantages of having a race on the calendar. Well, I signed up for a 10K for the first of July. I am also searching for a perfect 5K to do with some friends. These are certainly scary things, but I am going to do them anyway!



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