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GRLife – An April Update on Scary Things

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I’ve been out of town traveling for work, so the blog has been a little quiet. I think that means it’s a perfect time for a recap of what has been happening over here at GRLife. Here’s what been happening in April and some updates for May:

I had coffee recently with an old friend who is becoming a financial planner. It is so exciting to see a young female going into this field. I always tend to think about financial planners as old white guys, even though my own first job out of college was in finance. We shared our plans for our businesses and talked for hours. It was a lovely afternoon, and if anyone is looking for a smart, warm, savvy lady here in Grand Rapids to help them with their finances, let me know.

I drove over to Lansing to attend Jen Sincero’s book signing. That was just a tremendous night!


Jen Sincero Sparked the Beginning of GRLife

There is something about Jen… I have heard a lot of the ideas she talks about before, but there is something about how she presents them that I really get. I’ve dismissed some of those ideas before, but when she shares them, it just makes sense. I already had a copy of You Are a Badass, but I just loaned it to a friend, so I picked up a hardcover for her to sign. I also got a copy of her new book, You are a Badass About Making Money. And to top it off, when I was there I ran into a friend of mine who said she listed to the book on Audible. When someone in the book signing audience thanked Jen for narrating her own books, I thought, “I have to have that too.” Being able to listen to her, a short bit at a time, then stop the recording and meditate on what she said while I’m driving appealed to me. So, while I was waiting for my turn to meet her, I bought the Audible version too! Meeting Jen was just awesome, and I even got to mention that she helped inspire me to start GRLife.

I am working my way through You are a Badass About Making Money and so far I really like it. I am taking my time because I am doing all the exercises and really trying to absorb it all. Once done, I will add both books to the Books tab here on the blog.

I met with my Coach, Julie. One of the suggestions Jen Sincero makes is to have someone to be accountable to, especially when starting something new. (This was in a course I took on new habits Jen offered at the beginning of the year.) Right after she suggested it I saw that Julie was offering a package deal for monthly sessions if you bought a year’s worth of appointments. I was thinking of starting something new – GRLife. It was perfect! I love when the stars align like that! Julie helps keep me motivated and on track with GRLife. Starting a new business can be a little intimidating, so having a Coach to meet with has been tremendously helpful for me.

GRLife list of things to doSpeaking of advice I have taken from Jen Sincero… one of the things she mentioned that night in Lansing was that if we want something new, we have to go after it with determination. She challenged us to do something scary every day. She said that when you live in the place that is between excitement and fear, that is where life happens. It hit home. February and March had been full of crazy new things, but April had been fairly quiet. That was by design.

I knew my Sport and Nutrition Course was going to start in April, so I deliberately did as much as I could the first two months so I could keep April a little quieter. But reading, researching, writing, and studying is my happy place. I am good at it. That meant that I wasn’t getting the thrill of stepping out of my familiarity zone. So, that night as I drove back to Grand Rapids, I made a mental list of all the big (and little) scary things I want/need to do for my business. When I got home that night, I jotted them all down. I have been starting to pick them off one by one. Sure enough, the excitement is back!

Some of the things I am working on:

I mentioned awhile ago that I hired a lawyer. I am working with Vantage360. I now have my articles of organization and the GRLife name registered. I also asked them to help with a will and financial power of attorney along with some other business documents. Getting a new will has been on my mind forever… but it is one of those “scary” things. I know its a necessity, but sitting down and doing it has been fairly easy to push off. But it was on the list I made so I am getting it done!

I am also signing up for a lot of new classes. I love working on my Sport and Nutrition Certificate at home, but I also love going to classes. It just lights me up. So, I sat down and looked at SCORE, GROW, and a few other organizations and signed up for as many interesting classes and workshops as I could. I will, of course, let you know how those go.

I also bought a brand new computer. This was a big step for me. Like hiring a lawyer and having my business cards made, it’s a huge investment in myself and my company. I won’t lie, it was incredibly scary to hit that “buy” button, but I am really glad I did.

IMG_6274Fortunately, the weather is getting better here in Michigan. It finally feels like spring. Duncan and I are able to take much longer walks, which is just wonderful for both of us. I would also like to get back into running. I have been having some odd hip pain issues, but I worked on some mobility exercises with my Coach (my Personal Trainer this time,) and I think that is going to take care of it. Running is not my favorite form of exercise, to be honest. But it’s really good for me. Since I am an asthmatic, the more I can build up my stamina the better.

That’s about it. There are lots of things in the works now, and that is incredibly exciting. I’ll keep you in the loop as they happen!

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