GRLife – What’s in a Name?

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A little history behind the origins of GRLife, or Grand Rapids Life

I started this blog several years ago when I kept finding all these cool things about my hometown. Grand Rapids is a pretty great place when you get down to it. We have our problems, of course, but there is a lot to love about this city.

I wrote a couple articles about the history of Grand Rapids from my perspective, “23 Signs You are a Grand Rapids Native” and that of my Mother’s. I also wrote about how since I had become physically active, I started spending a lot more time in GR parks and exploring the Grand Rapids River. But then, I got busy and interested in other things and the blog just kind of hung out there for awhile.

Recently I have been breathing new life into GRLife because I have some new interests. I’ve become absolutely fascinated by the human body, genetics, and nutrition. I’ve been reading books like crazy. Here’s a couple of my favorites:

I also recently completed a class in Personalized Medicine, which was just fascinating. This month I am starting a course in nutrition. It’s so much fun being a student again, both in formalized classes and doing my own research. I always loved being in school.

So, I have all these ideas and thoughts and things that I am learning. GRLife is a place I can put them all down. At the same time, I am planning on opening a business under the same name, possibly as soon as next spring. This is also a place where I can record my journey and talk about the trials and tribulations of being a small business owner in Grand Rapids.

I’m glad you are reading along with me. I hope you’ll take time to provide feedback and sign up for my newsletter. That’s where I will be releasing new things first and asking for folks to test things and give me their opinions.



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