Completed! Course Certificate – Case Studies in Personalized Medicine

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I am incredibly proud of this:

Case studies in Personalized Medicine Cert

Case Studies in Personalized Medicine

This course was hard, much more so than you might think for an online class. Especially since my background is in tech and business development, not medicine. It was fascinating though. It was a whole course in how genetics and ancestry can affect disease and treatment. Some diseases are genetic and fairly easy to track through generations, but what was also fascinating was how genetics change how people react to certain medicines or treatments. For example, did you know that some people are “ultra metabolizers” and process drugs very, very quickly? Others have genetic variants that keep them from being to metabolize a drug at all.

Since we declared the human genome mapped in April of 2003, you might think that we know all the answers – far from it. In fact, we are still learning the questions. In this course, if you replace the word “medicine” with “diet” you have exactly what I am interested in. I want to learn how our genes and ancestry affects our health and how we should eat. This course is one of the stepping stones towards figuring that out.



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