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Perils of Travel and Illness

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Things have been quiet around here because I have been off traveling for my day job. Traveling is a part of life where I work. I typically go on 5-6 trips a year, but some years I do a lot more.

I used to really enjoy it. I like seeing new things and checking out new places. But, I’ve grown weary of it. I’ve been at it so long I am no longer seeing much that’s new – we go to the same trade shows year after year and they are in the same locations. Once and awhile we can change things up by trying a new restaurant or something, but for the most part, the thrill is gone. I have to admit, I’d rather be home with the people I love and my scruffy little dog.

I had hoped to make the most of it by spending a fair amount of time in my hotel room writing and working on this blog, but it just didn’t work that way. I was running from early morning until late night and anytime I got the chance to get to my room, I hit the bed. Unfortunately, I also got sick just before we left and the flight moved the illness right down into my chest. I have a lovely case of bronchitis right now. (I have a couple calls into the doctor now that I am back.)

Nonetheless, I managed to get some good reading in. My plane book was this:

Oh, my goodness – it is SO good! I learned so much. My copy is now full of dog-eared pages, underlines passages and exclamation points. It’s a really great read full of things you can start doing today for your health. A lot of them are things you have probably heard before, but they present a really compelling case for all their suggestions.

Since I have been under the weather, I have been trying to eat a lot of veggies and fruits. I figure anything I can do to boost my immune system a bit is helpful. Hopefully, I will hear from the doctor today and get something to kick this nastiness out of me.


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