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Taco Tuesday – One Terrific Taco Seasoning Recipe!

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I promised that this wouldn’t be a recipe blog, but I have a handful of tried and true awesome recipes that I am going to share. If nothing else, putting them all on here on my blog will let me find them quickly when I need to refresh my memory!

taco seasoning recipe
Not my tacos, but wow, this photo is making me hungry.

Who doesn’t love tacos? Regardless of what diet you follow: vegan to keto, having an awesome taco seasoning recipe at your fingertips makes life better. I eat meat, so I frequently have some taco meat made up to turn into taco salads or breakfast scrambles. This seasoning also works great on veggies, particularly cauliflower. And, I love using green cabbage in place of either taco shells or regular iceberg lettuce. It has a great crunch and it has a ton of Vitamin K, C, and B6.

So, like my last recipe for Whole Roast Chicken, I am not going to post the whole recipe here. That feels like stealing.

Here is the link to the Terrific Taco Seasoning Recipe:

Taco Seasoning 1 by Bill Echols

Bill, whoever you are, you have made my life so much easier. I always have my cupboards stocked with Penzys spices. (I love the quality of their products and I like supporting the company.) I take Bill’s recipe and quadruple it, so I always have some on hand. It also allows me to adjust it slightly. I love cumin and it is incredibly good for you, so I add more.

Here’s another interesting fact I learned this week at a conference on Inflammatory Diets:

  • Food preservatives are designed to… preserve food, right?
  • How do they do that? They kill off the “bugs” or microorganisms that cause decay and break down food.
  • Where else do we see microorganisms that are designed to break down food?
  • Your microbiome. 

Food preservatives may have a negative effect on our microbiome. This article in Nature found that some common preservatives caused inflammation of the colon in mice, for example. Fortunately, it seems like the microbiome has the potential to ‘snap back” in about 5 weeks, but why take that chance? Why buy pre-made products that may have preservatives, when we can just make our own?

And if you are going make taco seasoning, this recipe is awesome!

Do you have any favorite, tried and true, recipes for things we commonly buy at the store? Let me know! I would love to try them.



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