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The Best Whole Roasted Chicken Recipe Ever. Seriously.

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recipe wooden spoons

This is not going to be a recipe blog, however, there are some recipes that are just too good not to share. If you know me in person, there is a likelihood I have sent you this Whole Roast Chicken recipe and demanded you make it. It’s that good.

If you are doing Paleo, Whole 30, RP or any food plan that allows chicken, and you eat poultry, you need to have this recipe in your back pocket. I have made this recipe over and over and it is dang near fool proof. Now I will say, you can use any whole chicken, but I buy all mine from S&S Lamb. I like knowing my farmer and, honestly, you can taste the difference. (I’m not kidding, I’ve done taste tests.)

The Best Roast Chicken Recipe Ever

The preparation is a key, and because I am not going to copy and paste the entire thing from Epicurious (because that’s rude), you need to go over to their page and read it.

The ingredients are simple. Ready?

  • Chicken
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Thyme

Follow the directions above, roast that bird for an hour and BOOM! Chicken magic.

I have told friends before that this recipe nearly offends me because it is that simple and that good. Why didn’t someone tell me cooking a whole chicken could be this easy years ago?!?! Note, the instructions tell you to truss the bird, I don’t. I also don’t use any unsalted butter, which is optional anyway. (I wait the 15 minutes of resting time, then I tear into that thing! It’s so good, I can barely wait that long.) I have had and tried dozens of whole roasted chicken recipes in my time. They all fell just a bit flat and, sadly, nowhere as good as a rotisserie chicken from the store. This blows them all out of the water and is so much easier. Enjoy!

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