Even More Signs You Are A Grand Rapids Native (Reader Comments!)

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I have more signs that you are a Grand Rapids native to pass along! (You can read the original article, here.) These are comments from my webpage and some Facebook posts. There are some great ones in here that brought back memories – check them out:

This blast from our past from Steve Snodgrass on flickr. Go Raiders!
This blast from our past from Steve Snodgrass on flickr. Go Raiders!

From Rodney:

  • You remember when Tiny Giant was the only store open on Sundays.

From Beth

  • You were mad when Monroe became a walking mall, and mad again when it re-opened as a street.

From Denise

  • You remember back when Grand Valley and Davenport were both Colleges. (Extra points if you remember when Grand Valley was a concert venue.)

From Denise’s husband

  • Your mother dropped you off in the middle of the Meijer’s store in a play area while she shopped. (Extra points if she told you not to leave “the caged area.”)

From Megan

  • You have spoken to Tilly the Talking Christmas Tree.

From Mary Lou

  • For you, Centerpointe will always be Eastbrook.

(Mary Lou also has another cool Grand Rapids list I will be sharing soon!)

From Shane

  • You got a ring from the rabbit head at Roger’s.
  • You filled a book with Roger’s green stamps.
  • You rode the glass elevator at City Centre. (Anyone else remember that rockin’ paint scheme?)

From Teresa

  • You ate a meal at Granny’s Kitchen.
  • While there, you went to the gift shop and you put your hand in the barrel (boy or girl’s side, of course.)

(Extra points to Teresa whose sister was a rocking granny and whose dad was a Grandpa Bob!)

From Kerri (a self described north ender)

  • You remember the SmallTown Mall or the North Town Twin Theatre.
  • You ate at the Sweden House smorgasbord restaurant.
  • You remember the rope swing at the gravel pits and the blue bridge by the old Boat n Canoe.

From Gina

  • Going to the matinee at the Creston Theater for a quarter and hoping to win 25 pieces of red licorice.

And From Gramma C who was on the same wavelength as Gina:

  • You remember the old Creston Theater–watching movies and a drawing for games and toys during intermission between two feature films!

From John

  • You remember The Quad Theater before it was The Quad 6.
From Sherie
  • You went to “SHOUT” and admired the Cadillac in the wall.

From Jeff:

  • You remember shopping at Sagebrush or Tansy.

From Cindi

  • You remember the penny candy at Herpolsheimer’s

From Anonymous

  • You ate pizza while you listened to the organ playing at Roaring 20′s.

From Anonymous II

  • Your parents took you to Mr. Fables on Friday nights. You remember the tootsie pop tree.

From Dee

  • You remember standing in line at Wurzburg’s at Christmas time to see Santa and going downtown at Thanksgiving to see the decorated store windows.

From Sabrina

  • You ate Sunday Breakfast at Red Lion on Bridge street.
  • Or you ate McDonalds at the upstairs Balcony at Thrifty Acres!
  • You remember when Fifth Third was Old Kent.

(And extra points to Sabrina for this classic memory: Eberhardt’s grocery shopping while my mom pushed me in a cart smoking a cigarette.)

A few more just came in!

From Suzanne

  • You got a free chocolate cake on your birthday at Bill Knapps
  • You listened to the tableside juke boxes at the Clock Restaurant..

(Suzanne got extra points for admitting she bought her first pack of smokes at the machine at the Clock. (We promise, we won’t tell your Mom) Remember when restaurants had cigarette machines?? )

From Craig

  • You ever dove (or watched someone dive) off the two story dock at Soft Water Lake.
  • You watched your burger being made in the window of the Kit Kat.
  • You had a meal at Mr. and Mrs. B’s restaurant in the Creston district.
  • You remember Cook’s Five and Dime on Michigan.
  • You remember the Trills Texaco on the corner of Michigan and College.



  1. Great lists. I remember far too many of these! I remember going to Fruit Basket with my mom. I went back last year and it smelled just like I remembered.

  2. You know you are a GR native when you pronounce it “Lake Drive”…never just “Lake”, but always “Lake Drive”, equal emphasis on both words. Same for Lake Michigan Drive.

  3. How about D & C dime store on Coit by the Kit Kat? Also, the Old Kent Bank on the triangle there (until it became the library) And, speaking of drive ins; The Cascade Red & Blue twin theatres, the Woodland ( now Lowes) and the WGRD nights at the Plainfield drive in!

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