Why Grand Rapids?

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Wealthy Street Grand RapidsI’ve lived in Grand Rapids all my life. In fact, the city and I have grown up together. I remember when downtown was deserted after 5:00pm, when no one walked Wealthy Street, and when “The Center of the Universe” was just a plywood sign in a vacant, overgrown parking lot. So much has changed since that time. Grand Rapids has always been a good place to live, but now it offers so much more. From farmer’s markets to fine dining, arts to sporting events, beautiful natural places to downtown living, Grand Rapids is a fascinating and diverse mix of interesting people and places.

I always thought I would eventually move from GR. I have deep ties to friends and family here, but I thought there would be some reason, (school, a new job, romance…) some thing that would make me pack my bags. It wasn’t that I felt I had to leave – I know a lot of people with a burning drive to live somewhere other than their hometown – but that was never me. I just thought it was a likely scenario, and I love those stories of people arriving somewhere new, (big cities, desert landscapes, scenic islands,) and knowing deep inside that they had to live there. I wanted that to happen to me. Imagine my surprise when I recently realized I had fallen in love with a place: my very own hometown. It’s a bit like finding out your mother is crime fighting superhero and a rock star, when all along you thought she was just June Cleaver!

The Grand Rapids Life is going to be a love letter to my fair city. I’ll write about the many things I have always loved and the new things I find. For those of you nearby, I’ll share tips and tricks from a Grand Rapids native, and I’ll try to paint a portrait of why I’m happy that I put down roots, right here in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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