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winter wonderland Welcome to my new website!

In my life, I wear several hats. In the business world, I am Vice President of Customer Service at I’ve been working in the manufactured home industry since 1999, and I spend my time helping people advertise and sell their homes online. In my spare time, I work in theatre. I have been working backstage since 1989. Currently, I am a member of the Board of Directors of Actors’ Theatre Grand Rapids and I am a Properties Designer. I help the theatre magic happen by designing and procuring all the interesting things actors use on stage, from guns to mysterious letters to handbags. If it is carried on stage, it’s my job to get it (or create it) for them.

The common theme is the ability to tell a great story – whether that is onstage or online. That’s my job: to help people tell their stories. They may be trying to sell a home or trying to move an audience. I am here to help them do that.

This site is my opportunity to tell my story: to share what I am working on, the exciting trends I see, or great stories that move me. It’s going to be a collection of articles about everything from advertising to art. I’m interested in local movements here in Grand Rapids and what is happening in the manufactured home industry across the county. Won’t you join me?

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